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Anything online is subject to cybersecurity risk_

And today; everything is online. The digital transformation in businesses also creates an attractive space for adversaries to acquire your most valuable information.

At the same time, the sophistication of attacks, the number of hackers and the number of vulnerabilities are continually rising.

The incidents, which would have once been considered as extraordinary are now becoming commonplace.

How fast are
the fastest adversaries_

The time needed to breach a network is measured in minutes, whereas it takes
months to detect a breach. That’s why speed is essential in cybersecurity.

18 the time needed
to breach
a network
214 the time taken
to detect
a data breach
* Source:
Crowdstrike: Global Threat Report: Adversary
Tradecraft and the Importance of Speed
Cost of Data Breach, Ponemon Institute, 2017

v01d:: Security Operations Center

Building a sufficient cyber defense is too complex and too costly for most companies.

So, that’s why we decide to build ‘Void’– a continuous cybersecurity monitoring service.

‘Void’ combines unique technology with the team of experienced cybersecurity analysts and engineers. It adds a comprehensive layer of security to your company and improves your attack resistance.

What does v01d:: offer_

Our service continuously gathers global cybersecurity intelligence while monitoring your IT environment.

It hunts for threats, which could affect your operations and assets and identifies suspicious behavior.

Potential incidents are then evaluated and responded to by a team of cybersecurity analysts working out of our 24/7 operations center. This allows your company to respond to security incidents the way it should: quickly and effectively.


v01d :: can protect you from_

  • reputation damage
  • operations being disrupted by corporate network attacks
  • know-how and intellectual property theft
  • financial losses (e.g., due to GDPR fines)
  • online identity theft
  • unintelligible security reports
  • illogical instructions to your IT professionals

What do you get?

24/7 infrastructure

We look after your infrastructure 24 hours per day. During business hours, when flawless operations are needed most, but also when malicious activities are most common (at night, during public holidays, vacations).

Continuous evaluation of
suspicious activities

We evaluate every out-of-the-ordinary activity in your network and proactively hunt for potential threats. Regardless of where they're coming from.

Data confidentiality

We don't need access to the content of your data, we don't read your emails or documents. Only the technical aspect (i.e. logs) of your network are monitored. Simply, we don't look where we're not supposed to.

Costs avoidance

We can identify threats before they cause real damage, financial or other. Our service also helps you save capital expenses necessary for building a similar solution in-house. You can focus on your business instead.

Severity assessment

We keep you informed, but not with false positives. We evaluate each event's importance and you are alerted only after it's severity is confirmed. You can then focus on what's really important and where it's required.

Immediate real-time response

Depending on your preference, we are also ready to respond to incidents directly, as required by their typeand severity, while still complying with your internal guidelines and cooperating with professionals from within your organisation.


Who we are_

We are part of Soitron Group, which is a large and trustworthy enterprise with long-term experience in security and IT. We have a team of dedicated professionals with extensive cybersecurity expertise, as well as years of experience providing 24/7 managed services. For more information visit www.soitron.com

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